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  • Chris Hutchinson replied to the topic Spam in the forum General Discussion 1 week ago

    Hi yes I also got one. That’s what I was trying to contact you about. All ok now . Cheers Mike.

  • Hi all. Does anyone have any experience of the Gibraltar 9709 UATP cymbal stands. They have a rotating ball assembly for huge variation of angles, and this ” no wing nut ” technology. Would they be any good to be used for hanging toms ?. And when buying pre loved hardcases. Is there any old tricks of the trade where I can line the cases out with…[Read more]

  • Firstly thanks to everyone for your continued help and advice. I have now got the kit home. And am now turning my attention to hardware. I,m looking for a couple of cymbal stands to hang my toms from. I have been particularly drawn to the Gibraltar 9709 ua-to. They are not cheap i know but seem particularly sturdy, able to be positioned at any…[Read more]

  • Hi all . Sorry for the conufusion. What happened was I bought a kit. Which is still in the warehouse of the shop as I don’t have anywhere to put it till Friday. But I have paid for it. I then realised the kit had a 22″ x 18″ Bass drum when I had actually wanted to a 20″ X 18 it was an oversight on my part. The shop has been very helpful but the…[Read more]

  • HI ALL. My thanks as ever. Struggling with this dilemma now. So to come in from a different angle. Does anyone have any thoughts opinions re. Sakae, Gretch, and DW. I have also tried Yamaha but they seem reluctant to go the hanging toms route. I have basically till the 17th to make a decision. I know you all probably think I’m a right Fanny but…[Read more]

  • Hi all. As ever thanks for the advice. So I bought the kit. And I got the snare. AndI have now added a 21′ Zildijan A custom Rezo Ride. Plus 14″ Rezo hi Hats. However…. When I was going over some things last night I realised I had bought a 22 x 18 Bass. My old one was 20 x 16 and I was really only thinking of going 20 x 18. Not sur if I’ve…[Read more]

  • Hi all. Went my local drumshop and hit every Effin ride in the shop. Honestly even the ones on kit displays. Took my 20″ paiste 8 to compare and found nothing. They did have a 20″ Zildijan ride, but it was for a customer. So I went to my local music shop and found a 21″ Zildijan A Custom “Rezo” Thought it was great. 3 Cymbals in one. Ticked a lot…[Read more]

  • I need a bit of clarification here. This is where my inexperience shows. It’s the meaning of the terminology I’m struggling with. Let’s start with the ride. The one I have 20″ Paiste PST 8. When I play it the “ping ” seems to get lost in the ” wash ” . And when I play the bell it is not distinct. And again when I play the bell the sound it gives…[Read more]

  • Hi team. So with you help I now have the 4 piece shell and the snare. Now for the Cymbals ? To give you some background I have been using PST 8. They were bought as a set and have served me well, but I,m looking to upgrade. I recently spoke to a professional drummer in London and he told me he try’s to go as big as he can size wise which I can see…[Read more]

  • Hi. Lads right here we go. First off I’ve made myself out a liar. I have ended up with a rack/ stand mounted Tom kit. Pearl masters premium. I have to say I was lucky and got it for a very good price. The snare and thanks for the advice ended up being a 14 x 6 mapele Craviotto with inlay. It is signed and will be passed on to my kids when I go. I…[Read more]

  • Hi Paps. Thanks for the words of encouragement as ever. Great to hear from you. but whats this ailment. And where is The Captain. Have to admit finding it a bit of a job finding my way round this new forum. Glad I have mind. But not sure if I prefer the old one. But as I said great to hear from you again.

  • Thanks to all. This snare thing is getting deeper. Let me try to centralise a few things. I am not a very good drummer,I am in a position to buy a kit for my 60th and if never played would be passed on to my daughter. but as a teenager would have killed for a metal shell snare. When I started playing again a couple of years ago the kit I bought…[Read more]

  • Hi all. looks like i have chosen a 4 piece shell kit . With Bass mounted toms. The pearl Masters is looking like the one. Now for the snare….. 14 x 5.5 or even 6.5 I throw this open to you. Think it will probably be Maple, but really I look forward to your suggestions. Cheers.

  • Thanks lads. To prove I listen to the advise you all give, I was very much leaning towards rack toms. Purely because of the brining the Toms closer aspect. MarkW explained the ease of set up which at me age is very important. Thanks all .

  • Hi all. Thanks for the advice so far. The next question. And its quite a big one. Do I go for Bass drum mounted toms or Rack toms. I am only on my second kit and have always had Bass mounted Toms. However my drum tutor has been explaining the mereits of the racked Toms. And how you can adjust them closer to you. So no over stretching …..…[Read more]

  • I got blisters when I was about 15/16 and have since been told it was probably because I was nervous and that I would grip the stick to tightly. I have been ok this time round up to now, and have been using almost exclusively Zildijan sticks. Give Mike Micalkow a watch on Utube, he does a very interesting thing on picking up the stick and the…[Read more]

  • Hi Hector. Thanks for the advice. Snare size will probably be 14′ X 6″. I have Pearl, Ludwig, Yamaha in my head. Excellent idea on the carbon fibre. Get a patent slapped on it. Anything to make the load lighter. Its like moving a small village.

  • Thanks to the lads for the advice regarding “Bags or Cases ” Here’s the thing. For my 60th at Christmas I am going too treat myself to a brand new kit. But I have a lot off questions to ask. The way I would like to play it is to by a good intermediate 4 piece shell. But then really go all out for a snare and cymbals. There is no time line on this…[Read more]

  • Hello All. Some of you may remember me from around this time last year. I had a stroke. And with the help of some people on this site, got through it. I had only been playing the drums and having lessons for a few months when this happened, and to cut a very long boring story short used the drums as part of my rehab. I joined a band in December of…[Read more]

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