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    Well very credible product and looks like a great practice tool too for anyone wishing to take up Acoustic playing in the programmed Genres. So its not bad news at all for drummers or a replacement for you as a musician. Far from it, I think Boss have come up with a great idea here that can help the Solo Acoustic Guitar player as well as a great help to those who may wish to extend there latest venture in a kind of Rhythm coach device. I actually quite like this and shall be seeking a Demo at some stage to see what they are like in the real world.

    But as I type your still the Boss as a drummer and there’s no machine not even Robotic that’s going to replace you know matter how good the Android could be, mind you would be a laugh to see one at the bar afterwards necking beers then headed for the Curry House to uptake the delights of ironing out the alcohol intake with a nice little spicy number.That’s why its great to be human plus the bonus of a great night out in or going to see a band and the after show which no amount of electronics will ever be able to digest.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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