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    It’s criminal the way I didn’t look after my drums better over the years. 🙁

    Today, I’m super careful to make sure any new gear is kept as pristine as possible. So I’ve done a couple of videos showing all the various scratches on my Yamaha 9000 RC. The drums are over 25 years old and I bought them new, I think around 1992’ish. Mostly from a shop in Dartford called ‘Drumland’. That place has gone now I think. And one (or maybe two) toms separately. Like I remember buying the 15″ tom from Tommy when he was at the Rock Shop in Camden. They’ve had a lot of use on gigs over the years, but still, should have been in much better condition.

    So I’m curious as to how much devaluation there is due to these scratches if I ever wanted to sell them? And can anyone approximate what they think the drums would be worth? That would be with the standard 3 way tom mount that slots into the hole in the bass drum, plus two tom ball joint holders.

    3 drums are made in Japan and 2 in England. The Yamaha drum dating page shows these to be made in the 1980s which is earlier than I was expecting. Would anyone here be able to verify if I dated them correctly? Here’s the page: http://faq.yamaha.com/us/en/article/musical-instruments/drums/ac-drumsets/806/4177/

    20″ Bass drum: model BD920RF Japan
    (serial QJ – 0791) March, 1980?

    8″ tom: model TT908Y Japan
    (serial LI – 2236) February, 1985?

    12″ tom: model TT912RF Japan
    (serial QL – 4401) May, 1980?

    15″ tom: model TT915RF England*
    (serial QP – 0181) Sept 1980?

    10″ tom: model TT910RF England*
    (serial IM – 2074)* June, 1982?

    The videos:

    8″ 10″, 12″, 15″ toms.

    20″ bass drum

    Near the start of the bass drum video, I point to a scratch line on the hoop. That is actually the point where the hoop had completely broken along that line. This was many years ago and was repaired with epoxy glue and hasn’t been a problem since. The split on the outer side is covered by the lug bracket. I don’t remember what caused it to split. I think the drum, while inside it’s case, must have taken a fall while unloading from a van at a gig.

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