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  • Lee
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    Just musing really, not moaning or complaining.

    Mike has done a brilliant job of putting the new website and forum together. It’s just such a pity then that what was once a thriving hive of activity (on the old forum) gradually dwindled for some reason, and now on this new forum there’s, let’s be honest, barely any activity apart from a very small handful of members such as Hector, me, sharklaar and maybe one or two others. Most threads are weeks old with few replies.

    Whatever happened to all the people who used to frequent the old forum, how come they didn’t join up here? There used to be a lot of serious conversation and comedy. I just wonder if it’s early days or have people gone to Facebook drum forums? I don’t do Facebook but I heard there are forums like that. It’s strange really because most website drum forums are US based and this is the only UK Forum I can think of. I do post at US forums, but obviously there isn’t as much shared information about UK drummers, drum shops and all things this side of the pond. Mike is at the forefront of everything happening on the British drum scene, so you would think this is the place to come to.

    Anyway, long live the Dolbear forums and wondered what your thoughts are. 🙂

    Kevin Mooney
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    I’m as disappointed as you. I still feel the need to check the place out every day. I came on just now thinking I should make the effort to post at least a couple of replies. You basically read my mind.

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    Just needs more people…. It’s tricky to get a raucous conversation going with 4 people!

    Bit of advertising? Costs money obvs, and could be $$$ down the loo.

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    Just yesterday I was thinking I’m a bit sad because nobody posts 🙁

    Kevin Mooney
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    So what you lot got planned drum-wise for the next few weeks? I’m gearing up for my new cover band’s first gig. 10 months of work with a great bunch of guys. We’re sounding great and we’ve got seven bookings for the rest of the year already.

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    Not got a lot going on at the mo. Just finished recording drums for 2 albums’ worth of material (16 songs in three solid days) – we’re recording our entire back catalogue. Just got to wait a few months for the guitarists to sort their shit out and then probably another couple of years to find the singer in a sober and willing state, and a few grand for mixing and mastering, and we’ll have a load of new music…

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    Lee, many thanks for the posting 🙂 Likewise it is a shame that there’s only a few of us at the moment, but have and do continue to enjoy what we have at the moment. Think of it as when Mike probably first started, it probably took a while to catch on. But then like you say Facebook etc really wasn’t aswell represented then as it is now, albeit like yourself I’m really not interested in the format at all or anything alike. Forums are a far more Focused kind of social media and with Mikes old forum we certainly had some fun.

    At the moment I am job hunting and at my age now its a tricky one but making good progress albeit a bit of a routine at time due to repetitive leads etc.

    Anyway the drums and alike have been an absolute savour of my madness setting in during these times and I try and post reasonable material without trying to be over whelming with output. I’m quite a fan of You tube for things I need to look at specially covers of tracks etc, The last few days I have been looking at some Andy Williams stuff etc!

    EeeK you may cry! LOL-but there is some really great music there and the tunes are not always as easy to play as you think, but the outcome is that you get to test areas of your playing and approaches and tastes of music in many ways you never thought possible before, that’s what I like about it.

    Maybe if Mike was able to take another post out by email to the old forum members to let them know that we are up and running and if they don’t start to contribute well send the boys round! LOL 🙂

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    I’ve just checked in here for the first time in months and had the feeling that Lee’s question might be about how quiet it is, sadly I was right.
    I don’t know why, I’d started to check in less and less on the old forum after being a member for about 11 years and a regular contributor and a kind of vicious circle was forming with less posts meaning there was less to interact with which lead to even fewer posts. The Forum change shouldn’t have affected anything but it did. My browsers would automatically send me to the old site, the new place didn’t show up in searches quite as quickly, when I made the effort to log on just now I found that my username wasn’t what I thought it was when I requested a password reset.
    I’ve come off Facebook altogether because I was wasting too much time on it. Actually that’s not strictly true, I reactivated my account this morning as I suspected that messages I was sending to pubs via Facebook Messenger weren’t being delivered. 3 quickfire replies have proved that was the case but even though my account is live again I won’t be using it. A local music forum I use is all but dead. I did sign up to Drummerworld and I post there fairly frequently as it’s busier but I find that it’s fairly cliquey and being mainly populated by Americans it has a different culture with few commonalities between what a band in the U.K. does and what a US one does so it’s pointless asking for or giving opinions sometimes.

    What have I been doing? Well my female fronted Classic and Chart Rock covers band is still going strong after about three years, very difficult getting gigs compared to ten years back but it is what it is. The Glam Rock band that did its first gig just before Christmas has been very successful, only last Friday we played at a sold out Bike Rally and performed for two hours without a break, took 4 power cuts in our stride, played my first drum solo in 30 years as well as a near accapella version of Shang A Lang, and git overpaid with the organiser insisting we take what he offered us even though we told him the agreement was for less.
    Obviously the wheel will come off but between both bands I’m sitting on neatly 30 gigs for next year so we need more to balance things out but even if we didn’t get another booking I wouldn’t be happy with what we’ve got.
    What else. Did I mention the Mapex Saturn I git at half RRP from Thomann earlier this year? Without wanting to jinx things I think this kit is my keeper, along with a Maple Stagg Jia snare drum that I picked up in exchange for some old drum bags, multi clamps and pedals that I wasn’t even using.

    So hey, I’m still here or hereabouts and I’ll do my best to keep contributing.

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    It’s certainly quiet round here isn’t it , I think all that political BS on the old site a while
    back put many off.
    I do hope it returns to how it was a few years ago…Where’s Mully, captain bubble etc ??

    Personally, I’ve not been playing much apart from the odd jam or knock with the lads.
    I’ve been ill since earlier in the year with a weird vestibular ailment which has really
    knocked me for six. Slowly on the mend now though, and some guys I played rhythm n blues with a
    few years ago have been in touch and want to play again so hopefully will be able to get stuck
    into that soon.

    Hope to contribute more going forward.

    Mike Dolbear
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    I must admit I am disappointed that the forum hasn’t had more activity as so many people kept telling me what was wrong with the forum (and the main site) and I hopefully addressed many of the issues.

    A lot of work and new features have gone into mikedolbear.com and numbers are up on the main site and views are high on the YouTube page “drumclips” but not sure why this is not the case on the forum.

    Going back 17 years when I first set up mikedolbear.com it was always with the ethos of a place for everyone to have a say and to fly the UK flag around the world which it has done with this site which is now seen in over 100 countries around the world and one of the main drum websites in the world. BUT i am still a very small company with a big platform for us to have a say……

    Busy time for me with the first ever UK drum show

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    It really is a great improvement on the old forum Mike!

    The problem now is that because at the time it was launched there was little activity and few regularly active users on the old forum, nobody knows we’re here…. It’s difficult to get conversation going with only a handful of people, and it’s great having a buy/sell thread but it’s tricky selling stuff when only 10 people see your post….

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    Wow, sorry guys, I’d forgotten I’d made this thread, lol. Must be getting old! 😀
    Thank you all so much for your detailed replies, very interesting to read your thoughts and what you’re up to.
    Also good to hear from Mike and no doubt he had a spiffing time in Manchester. I couldn’t go but if I did, I’d have pushed through the queues to see Felix Lehrmann and Jost Nickel, those guys are phenomenal players!

    Matt Nolan
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    Hello folks, hello Mike,

    It is incredibly quiet here these days. More so than in the last days of the old forum. Some folks have been lost in the transition. There were technical issues with re-registering. I had to guess how my displayed username had be mangled into my login name to make it work. Other folks may not have managed – Capt Bubble could be one example of that.

    I have seen multiple “higher class” drum and cymbal forums massively quieten down the past few years. I think a lot of it is due to migration of the function that forums provide to Facebook groups and the likes. Facebook is so much worse for archiving and retreiving stuff though, being able to search, etc. No place to build and maintain a knowledge base. Maybe eventually, people will realise what they are missing from a proper forum and start to come back.

    In the meantime, it may be an issue of awareness. How many folks from the old forum know the new one is here? How do new folks know that the forum is here? Where is it mentioned or advertised on and off site? In those places, what does it tell you about the forum? Things to think about.


    David Haskins
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    Well I have mentioned performance before right from the start – whatever technical decisions were made about what platform / software to use to run both the new forum and the new Dolbear website, the result is sites that very very sluggish. Far slower than what was there before, so obviously that is not going to attract.

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    Also, the old site is still there – it’s probably a bit late now but it needed to be redirected here. People who didn’t know about the new forum might just have loaded the old site, seen no activity and forgot about it.

    Migration of user accounts and all old posts would have helped I think. But I guess that was limited by the tech.

    Hindsight eh…

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