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    About a year ago I started keeping a casual eye out for a 15″ 2002 crash and they seemed to have been going used for around the £80 mark. Since then the ones I’ve seen have been going for well over a ton – is it a rarity thing or is the used 2002/cymbal market ahead of inflation?


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    2002s seem to hold their value pretty well although the old Red labels have a competitor in the new big beat range. I have 21 bb and it’s far more complex and subtle than a red label. I picked up a set of Bonham sized reds recently in a trade, and the first gig I did with them a bloke offered to buy them from me. 24 ride 18 crash 15 se hats. They are pretty divisive, you either love or hate them but no other cymbal sounds as good live as a 2002.
    15 crash is pretty rare, it’s probably worth the extra 20 quid imo. Look out also for a signature or 3000, they fit the tonal range of 2002s.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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