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  • Pabs
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    I’m lucky enough to own and play a Sonorlite LD547 snare and was just wondering if anyone
    on the forum owned and played one ?
    Such a versatile instrument and is my main snare once again ( stupidly sold it a while back
    but managed to buy back few years later ).
    Mine is the MB finish, which is the Scandanavian Birch natural finish in absolutely pristine

    Anyone own/played one ? Just interested



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    Hi Pabs, don’t have one I’m afraid but I do play a lovely Delite kit. I don’t have a Delite snare but I’m always toying with the idea of a Sonor snare. I do have a vintage alloy Sonor Swinger which I don’t really use any more but I’ve always loved a nice wooden snare. What’s the Somorlite like ?

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    Hi nickh, the Sonorlite LD547 is simply awesome. As I say it’s such a versatile instrument too.
    Rich, open and a lovely resonant woody tone, and it just responds to every situation/style I have
    thrown at it. Can be played quiet and equally hit hard as you like, there’s just so many sounds to
    be found on this drum..everything from the centre to the edges, rim shots, it responds so well.
    Mine has the triple flanged hoops which some say gives the drum a more open sound as opposed to the
    die-cast hoops. Mines a 87′ model , I’m not sure when the die-cast were used but I presume later.

    My dad bought me this drum in the early 90’s, it had been traded in against a guitar at the
    Overwater bass guitar factory near where I live. Best pressie ever !!
    I decided to sell it to my dads drummer in 2009 and regretted it straight away, he’d been after it
    for a while and I had my eye on a Walnut Black Panther so I passed it on.
    The Black Panther is lovely btw.

    I always missed the Sonorlite though and asked to buy it back but he wouldn’t part with it but said
    if he ever decided to sell he would call me first. True to his word, it’s back home.
    He managed to source an original extended snare wire which goes over the edge and gets rid of the
    snare buzz, aswell as a nice crisp crack !!

    I’d be interested to know the sizes of Delites you are using, and I saw on another thread you say
    you are playing rock/blues stuff ? I reckon a Sonorlite is best suited to that kinda vibe.
    I myself play rock blues, with the occasional funky jam thrown in and the Sonorlite..sings !!

    They are getting even more difficult to get hold of nowadays but they do come up for sale now
    and again..can be pricey though. I’ve seen the wrapped finishes starting at £400 ish, and the
    natural finishes up to £850 ish.
    If you get the chance to try one though I would go for it.

    Gaz Farrimond
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    I once had an LD557, but didn’t get on with it. The drum was just too similar to my HLD580 light to keep.

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    Well I’ve managed to snag one at what I feel is a fair price, in the natural finish with die cast hoops.
    Should arrive in the next few days.
    Pabs , I’d be interested to know what you’d recommend in the way of heads and turnings etc.

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