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    Posted – 27/02/2017 : 18:49:17 Show Profile Visit David Smaylen’s Homepage Reply with Quote
    I rehearsed in a studio using the Sabian 14″ AAX hats provided and thought they were lovely – very crisp and responsive. I use 13″ A Customs usually and was thinking of upgrading to K’s – I find the A Customs a little dull. I notice from E-bay that the Sabian’s come in quite a bit cheaper than what I perceive to be equivalent Zildjians (and considerably cheaper than the K’s in particular). Anyone have experience of how they compare? I play funk/blues as a rule.
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    Posted – 05/03/2017 : 09:54:16 Show Profile Visit Unkle Kev’s Homepage Reply with Quote
    Cymbals are very personal, so this is just my opinion, not fact.

    I’ve owned many AAX cymbals. I’d consider them in the same ball park as A Customs – halfway between bright and dark, very responsive, flexible across many genres. They will be brighter than most K’s. If the K sound is where you want to go, try the HHX range, as it sits nicely between the AAX and the darker HH cymbals.

    As for what type of music cymbals suit, only you can answer that. I’m using Dream Bliss cymbals for rock. Many would consider them jazz cymbals, I don’t.
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    Posted – 17/03/2017 : 13:04:55 Show Profile Visit Shaggi’s Homepage Reply with Quote
    I’m currently using the AAX V-range (used to be Vault, unchanged but shifted to the AAX range for some reason).

    They are what I would call Sabian’s version of the A Customs – only crisper.

    Lush 😎

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