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    Hi all,

    Happy New year!

    Wondered if anyone could give me some advice. I’m looking for an upgrade on my old electronic kit and have currently got two options.

    A – a second hand Roland TD12K that seems in good condition and I could probably get it for about £800, or

    B – save up for the new TD17KVX which is almost double the price.

    Is the TD12 still a good kit or is it very outdated now? I’m not sure if it’s worth spending £800 on such an old kit and am slightly worried it might develop problems. However, is it worth double the price for the TD17?

    Any thoughts welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Roland V-Drums: What’s The Difference? The Range Explained

    Hi Katie-Happy New Year to you and a very welcome to the Forum as a new member.
    I have posted a basic link to sum up what’s the latest specs etc from the range of Roland kits if this helps, but for you to secure a deal for your requirements would help you greatly. First would be have you trailed or played a TD12K Kit as I used one a while ago and I thought they were very credible and represent a very worthy used sale even at £800.Specs for the latest TD17K are obviously going to be this years spec for software and system patches etc to try and sell the Roland Technologies and to compete and advance toward new kits for the future. Like anything these days even New is only so for about for approx 6 months before the next best thing is on the drawing board even if it becomes a face lift or otherwise. So its a very open opinion to behold but until you have maybe trialled both then that would be the decisive voice to determine its worth of to budget for the extra £800 and will it justify that cost to your current requirements and use prior to the upgrading of your previous kit(which would be welcome to publish) just so we could get and idea as to where you are leaving and moving upto.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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