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    So now the SPD30 has landed and setup-I have to say out of the box its designed to make you smile:) Very easy to use and the built in IOS system is very easy and logical to navigate. I don’t need sampling and all that Jazz but the Roland sounds seem fine and have a lot of stuff that I was after from older drum machines etc which I have moulded into some personal working kits and still away to go mixing and merging together. Even better though thanks to Roland’s UM1 midi interface I have my Nord 1 active into my iPad with the Clavia App for this purpose! What a great application its a nice and simple app for me and just so easy to use with the bonus of touch screen pads aswell if required remotely from the kit! Next up the Sequencer again just bliss to use and really makes navigating and programming a great learning and playing/practice tool resource I’m seriously considering adding a P3 if the price comes down a Tad-Like the Roland they have come down to a more sensible price although anything like these really are favoured around the £450 mark to be quite honest to make them better value for the money and would probably get a lot more sold. But I took up the Roland offer in the meantime and very glad of it and having some existing parts and merging others from my TDK4 kit its a great piece of kit indeed. Anyone else have any experience’s with percussion pads and synths?

    Oh the Jobecky Piccolo snare I have too just works superbly aswell and dynamically with the NOrd Drum 1 goes into to some incredible accuracy with the beats etc specially when using to tighten up on rudiments etc-it doesn’t miss a thing good or bad! LOL 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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