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    Hello good people! Long time no see. So long in fact, that I didn’t realise the forum had moved!

    Taken a bit of a break from drumming for various reasons, but recently got a ‘We’re putting the band back together (for a friend’s 50th)!’ call, so have been blowing out the cobwebs recently.

    One thing I definitely need to do is figure out is exactly how my mixer works. Still not sure why I ended up buying the PA (isn’t that the keyboard player’s job?), but I’ve got a basic system : a Yamaha MG166CX mixer, Alto main speakers and some Laney foldback, but to be honest on the few occasions I’ve used it, it’s been a bit hit and miss, and we never used to use foldback (I’ve only recently picked up the Laneys).

    What I’m looking for is an idiot’s guide to using the mixer – I understand most of it, but I still don’t feel confident with the Aux outs for on-stage monitor mixing. For example, there appears to be three Aux controls, two ‘regular’ and one for the onboard digital effects. That says to me that I could have two, and no more, seperate mixes on stage, even if I had more monitors.

    So why are there seemingly four Aux output jacks?

    I’m sure it’s all pretty simple really, and once I’ve got it, I’ll be away, but I hate not understanding.

    Very much a case of ‘some of the gear and no idea!’

    Any advice or pointers towards a decent online guide or book would be much appreciated!


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    Hopefully this will help-they are quite straight forward-just treat everything as a single channel for the first few goes then work on the signal paths-EQ-then effects. In other words there are some basic procedures to follow but the manuals are pretty comprehensive and Yamaha Mixer’s at this level are quite good actually.

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    That looks ideal! Many thanks, Hector.

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