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    So the morning was spent at the Stables MK and got to see Korgs Keyboards and synths-some really great products there indeed, but they also had a full case of the Volca range and particular interest to me was to get to see there Sampler. Well what a piece of kit that is for the money, incredible value and so compact. The portable/Battery thing is great but again less a mains adaptor which can be provided at an extra cost -but still awaiting a cost from Korg with that via a Dealer. Had a very good Demo all-round and was going to make a purchase but referred to Hollywood Music in Stony Stratford MK.Not really a problem but bit of a trek across MK and did ask about Parking as not familiar with the Area. Was assured there’s plenty!! Hmmmm…when I got there not only could I not find the dealer even though on the high street due to the immense amount of traffic flow and everyone looking for somewhere to park in frustration and 3 attempts finally gave up and returned home with maybe an internet purchase now pending.

    Bit disappointed really as would have liked to have supported the store with a purchase to compliment Korg on there Demo and placed in my mind for a product purchase but unfortunately passed by!. I have since taken the time to visit Hollywood Music’s website though and fair play to them with there efforts to assist with some very credible car parking mapping and advise, but not knowing this before hand it was a bit of a trial and error thing on the day I guess.

    Anyway would like to thank Korg for the welcome and the Stables for hosting the event and well worth an attendance even just to get some hands on experience during my stay.

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