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  • Simon Edgoose
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    Is anyone playing one of these old girls?..Im getting one with a kit soon and was curious how you felt about them.
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    Captain Bubble
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    Not for many years, but my first kit was a used John Grey Autocrat, 20″ BD, 12×8″and 16 x 16″ toms and 14 x 5″ SD.
    I was a complete beginner and had little idea of how drums could and should sound, or how to make modifications. I found it difficult to get the SD sounding reasonable (to my inexperienced ears) but whatever I did with tuning and snare tension never seemed to achieve much, and it sounded a bit thin, dead and non-projecting to me. At one point I took both heads off and noticed that the shell was slightly warped so that the edges were not flat. Eventually I bought a new Premier 2000 SD, and even though I knew diddly squat about drums this drum pleased me far more.

    Just my experience, not sure if the limitations of the JG were at least in part that I was new to drums, and perhaps nowadays I could get it to work far better for me. Also I am not sure if the warping was the ONLY cause of it not pleasing me….heads and snares in those days were far less highly quality than now.
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    Bob Henrit
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    I wrote a Vintage Views piece on John Grey on 14 August 2015. Look it up on the Dolbear site’s search box.
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    Posted – 05/04/2017 : 19:59:40 Show Profile Reply with Quote
    I have an Autocrat–late 60’s. Well put together. It sounds pretty nice, excellent rim shots, not a large voice, nice with brushes. Built pre-international, new 14″ heads don’t work well. I had a fair bit of fussing with wedges, and files, under the hoops in order to get heads to sit well(ish). The throw likes a medium tension and won’t hold a tight tension even if you ask it nicely.

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