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    Electronic kits (no matter cost) have disappointing hi-hats. I am thinking of creating a hybrid kit, electronic drums with ‘real’ hi-hats and cymbals. Hi-hats and cymbals can be dampened quite well with magnets so the overall volume is quite containable? Anyone else got the same set up from practicing? If so, any thoughts/recommendations would be really appreciated. Cheers!

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    Yes quite agree with that point regarding the Electronic Hi hat issues-have suffered so long over the years with my search to find something that is somewhere near being playable at times. Its always been lack of Dynamics, Volume and sensitivity have always bugged mine despite endless trial of settings etc.
    The ones that most impressed me though came from Zildgian when they first produced there range of Hybrid Cymbals with the Acoustic and electronics applied together.
    I would like to hear about the electronic magnetic dampening that you mention kind of an EMF sustain project?

    Would this be a semi mechanically balanced system supported with some electronic decoding principle applied?

    Also welcome to the forum by the way-great to hear some new ideas and information exchange instead of the latest helping of Spam that seems to be come from deluded Internet Hammers!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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