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    Ok. That cunning plan should have put my dear wife off the scent.

    I’ve had my long suffering Pearl Export since I bought it new from Pro Perc in Kentish Town (went through there the other day for the first time in years – looks like it’s gone, sadly) and 30 years of tweaks and upgrades means that the shells and the snare stand are about all that remains of the original set up. As I’m sure many people do, over the years I’ve thought about a new kit, and I occasionally while away an evening looking at websites and doing man-maths.

    Thing is, for a long time, the dream was ‘Spec out a DW from scratch.‘ My choice of shell sizes, beautiful finish, maybe even a custom paint job…’ and then I think ‘But you only play about four gigs a year, and most of them are in the sort of places that you wouldn’t want to take a DW anyway!’ On top of that, a few years ago I decided my playing could do with a kick up the backside, so I had some lessons with a local tutor. He had a Mapex Orion and I was amazed by how great it sounded (and looked). So suddenly the whole ‘It’s got to be a DW!’ went out of the window.

    But my frustrated inner Neil Peart still demands a set of 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ 16″ toms over a still-undecided-on-size bass drum.

    Looking around, most manufacturers don’t seem to offer that sort of ‘Spec a shell pack yourself’ option. For obvious cost reasons they offer a standard array of setups and that seems to be it.

    So – theoretically – if I wanted a new kit consisting of an undrilled bass drum, toms in the above sizes (depths tbc) and tom stands, am I looking at either DW or a custom builder, or do any of the mainstream manufacturers allow mixing and matching of shell sizes?

    I’m not a badge snob, so no make is off the table. It needs to sound nice and look nice, and that’s about it.

    Any thoughts, fellow drummers?



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    Perhaps try the http://www.drumshop.co.uk website or give them a call.
    I just saw them sell a Mapex Saturn 8, 10, 12, 16, (or it might have been 14) 22 recently. Andy the owner isn’t afraid to order in “none standard” kits so if you time it right you can buy a kit like the one I mentioned “off the shelf” as it were.

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    All the major manufacturers will let you add additional toms to their standard configurations. If you buy the extra drums after the fact it will be very pricey, but if you buy a whole new kit they generally don’t take the proverbial.

    I made exactly the same decision as you. I came within a week of pulling the trigger on a custom DW, then tried a Mapex Saturn kit and it stole my heart. I’m on my second Saturn, as I wanted the Mk V to get the lighter weight and more rounded bearing edges than the Mk IV (which sounded lovely too).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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