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    Michael Beechey
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    Posted – 01/12/2016 : 11:31:59 Show Profile Visit Michael Beechey’s Homepage Reply with Quote
    i’m a newbie in e-matters…

    trying a taped on ddrum style piezo trigger on bass drum batter head….it is the only trigger connected to the brain, plugged into kick input.

    the bass drum sound is also triggering a reduced sound level open hi hat sound..kind of a ghost

    ideas? thanks in advance!
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    Posted – 02/12/2016 : 13:02:16 Show Profile Reply with Quote
    Hi Mike-which drum module are you using??

    Also taping just the sensor to the head-no really what I would do. Did you not have the shell with it as well?-or is it some after market sensor?

    Best if you can to get a decent DDRum/2-Box or Roland trigger to fit to the shell/Head. Will make the world of difference then may be some subtle adjustments to bring its values into line with that of your current module. It’s a great way to get a bit more out of the kick drum but also allow you to apply some little extras when you want to dial them up for that bigger or smaller sound.
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    Posted – 02/12/2016 : 16:52:46 Show Profile Visit simedgoose’s Homepage Reply with Quote
    Hi Michael. Inputs on modules take different forms, depending on what sort of pad it is designed to work with. Some inputs just trigger one channel (a mono channel), and some trigger two discrete channels (stereo). You have probably plugged a mono cable into a ‘stereo piezo input’ which means your trigger is triggering the main (bass drum) channel, but is also very slightly shorting out the other trigger on that socket, which just happens to have a hi hat sound on it. You can get rid of the hi hat sound by finding out which channel is shared with your bass drum channel and turning the volume down.

    As hector asks, what module is it? I’m guessing Yamaha or Alesis.

    If you want any help with triggering, you can get me through http://www.edruminfo.com or here of course!


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