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  • Hector1
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    Okay so its not really a drum thing but I have an Epson WF-2750 which uses the T163140 16XL cartridges,okay for the black as have a spare but researching the costs etc with Amazon is very vague indeed. Plus having dealt with Epson who have been unable to support with any credibility as they acknowledge that there website has ordering issues so thought to call them and it takes 15 mins to process the order and no assurances toward delivery times due to stocks availability etc! Like WTF!!

    Anyway its a great piece of kit but does anyone use good quality and affordable alternatives that are problem free that they can recommend if they own one please?

    Kevin Mooney
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    Mine is supplied by my employer, so the cartridges don’t cost me anything. Curry’s/PC World usually have them in stock. I’ve never tried any non-Epson cartridges I’m afraid.

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    Many Thanks Kevin for the advice-sadly me and Curry’s/PC World do not seem to get on very well! That’s how I got the printer elsewhere as the one I purchased from them albeit a HP at the time was useless and didn’t even seem to want to work with Windows 10 even though I took the time to explain my printing requirements and operating system, all basic stuff really but they just cocked the whole thing up!

    Anyway I contacted Moon Computers in Northampton that I had used previously and they were superb through out, but it was just the cost of the cartridges that have been a bit of an impact. I have since resolved this now and remained with the originals but Epson were beyond the Joke with there customer service and sales with such a simple request as listed above. But all is well now and shelled out another £40 to get the main colours replaced and the printer is excellent, but its the consumables that something that costs round about the £100 mark can be matched with spares being required after just 3 months use that’s really my gripe. But just have to live with it, but still think that Epson could do more to provide a better service and costing in the after product sales with there equipment otherwise don’t supply cheap printers and not be able to provide economic supplies for them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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