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  • Chris Hutchinson
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    Hi all. Thanks for the advice so far. The next question. And its quite a big one. Do I go for Bass drum mounted toms or Rack toms. I am only on my second kit and have always had Bass mounted Toms. However my drum tutor has been explaining the mereits of the racked Toms. And how you can adjust them closer to you. So no over stretching ….. Thoughts please.

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    I can’t get on with bass drum mounts at all. I have a double tom stand to the left of my BD, as far forward as snare positioning will allow. This allows me to have the ride cymbal over the bass drum and to the right, low so I don’t have to stretch to reach the bell. This is the most comfortable setup I’ve managed.

    Things change though…

    Kevin Mooney
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    There’s two arguments around this.

    For sound, the majority of manufacturers now lean towards undrilled bass drums on their pro lines as standard. I’m sure it helps resonance and keeps the drum more round. But I’d suggest you would struggle to tell the difference anywhere outside of a pro recording studio. Either bass drum option will sound and play just fine.

    For setup, bass drum mounted toms are more limited in positioning options than rack or stand mounted toms. I’ve had both options several times over the last 30 years, and I’ve always preferred to mount my toms on a rack or stand. Its just more flexible and easier to get things where you want them.

    You can always buy a drilled bass drum and mount the toms off of stands. That way you have both options.

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    It’s very much a personal preference Chris, people can contribute as to the reasons they prefer one or the other but ultimately it’s down to you sitting behind a kit and seeing how comfortable you are.
    Personally if I liked a kit enough the way the toms are mounted would be a lower priority, HOWEVER as a gigging drummer the practicality of having my toms memory locked and mounted on the bass drum and the consistency of set up time after time wins out “for me”. And to contradict my previous statement my recent buying buying choices were swayed towards kits with bass drum mounted toms.
    I have in the past mounted toms offcymbal stands but I may have been at fault as I never got the cymbals and the toms exactly where I wanted them, a,ways seeming to settle on a compromise of the two. That’s never happened for me with bass mounted drums. I’m then moved on to a rack which I did like but again in my experience it wasn’t the silver bullet to solve my problems as it was a tricky and time consuming one man set up.
    There probably are differences in sound when drums are set up in isolation under ideal circumstances, however unless a kit is actually a seriously bad one, the moment a drummer starts hitting stuff any theoretical arguments about sustain, separation, crosstalk etc go out of the window. The practical issue of if and how you get the toms in the right position for you is in my opinion the most important one so sit behind kits and choose based on that.

    Chris Hutchinson
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    Thanks lads. To prove I listen to the advise you all give, I was very much leaning towards rack toms. Purely because of the brining the Toms closer aspect. MarkW explained the ease of set up which at me age is very important. Thanks all .

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