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  • Chris Hutchinson
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    Hello All. Some of you may remember me from around this time last year. I had a stroke. And with the help of some people on this site, got through it. I had only been playing the drums and having lessons for a few months when this happened, and to cut a very long boring story short used the drums as part of my rehab. I joined a band in December of last year but by this February was close to a break down. Came back too quick. Got somewhere for the lads to practise. Lady who ran the club said don’t pay me for practise time just do a gig when your ready and what i take over the bar will suffice. But in fighting started. ( not by me ) personel didn’t get on . People left. New people came in. I was unemployed. All too much….. Didn’t touch go near anything for 4 months. Then had a lesson, mid July. Getting back into it, but its slow. The enjoyment is starting to creep back in. I’ve employment now. And have a thousand questions for Yall. I may be in a position to change my kit. But would like to start with some basics. So your starter for 10. When you’re lugging you’re small village about, what do you recommended. Bags or Cases ???

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    Hey Chris, good to hear you’re having fun with it again! No point doing it if you’re not enjoying it!

    I have a combination of soft and hard cases for my kits. Hard cases will protect more but take up more space. None of my kits are worth a great deal, but if they were I’d definitely invest in decent hard cases to protect them. I use a Zildjian Cymbal Safe – my cymbals are the most valuable part of my kit, so I try and keep them as well protected as I can. I’ve got a soft case for my hardware, although I’d prefer a decent hard case they’re quite pricey for a decent one.

    Mike Dolbear
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    Hi Chris, glad to hear your back playing the drums, dont forget playing drums should be fun.
    Same as above i have both, if i am carrying them around i would use soft cases (inc cymbals) but if anybody else is going to touch my drums then it has to be hardcases as if they drop them put thenm down in a puddle in a venue car park i would be gutted but if i am carrying them i would be taken more care. All my snare drums are in hardcases.
    The only other thing i sometimes do is when I have a gig and i need a table for a mixing desk for my in-ears i will have my floor tom or bass drum in a hardcase and use the case as a table.

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    Good to hear you’re recovering from your stroke. You’re as well finding out now that bands don’t always run smoothly. They can fall apart in a heartbeat. Months in the planning, everything going to plan, then it can all fall apart during a rehearsal. Get used to it. Pick yourself up and start again.
    As for cases, Mike has beat me to it. If I was taking drums out myself and bringing them back in my car, I’d use soft cases. They’re more flexible in that you can squeeze them in the boot etc. With hard cases, if they don’t fit, they don’t fit and Sod’s law dictates that you will be beat for an inch here and there. If they are going out for any length of time and they are out of my control, then it’s hard cases. Others won’t, or might not be as careful as I am. Hard cases offer better protection, but I find them unwieldy.
    Good luck and have fun.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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