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  • Kevin Mooney
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    Hi all. Looking for comments from any Aquarian users.

    I’m thinking of trying them out of curiosity as they are generally highly regarded.

    I’ve been using Evans for a while. My preference is for single ply coated snare heads with reinforcement, dual ply tom and bass drum batters with overtone control, and tom resos that give a controlled resonance.

    What would you suggest, Aquarian players?

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    I’ve used a few Aquarians over the years and been happy with the quality. I’ve used texture coated on my snares on and off for a good while and they hold up well. Not overly brand-loyal on heads so I currently have Evans on my toms and bass.

    Found this last week – good deal if you can use 2.

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    I used their Hi-Energy (I think that was the name) snare batters for a while, nice dry sound – got rid of a lot of unwanted ring on my steel snare. Also extremely durable! As Soporif said though, not loyal to brand. Currently got a mix of Code and Evans across my kits.

    Keith the Beat
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    Always liked Aquarian heads however have difficulty getting now. Never had amy problems with them always held up well and the coating was perfect. Have used single ply textured coated on snares and toms and classic clear as resonant heads. What I really like however is their Super kick 1 (single ply) bass drum head with a Full regulator head on the resonant side is in my book the perfect bass drum sound. Have used Respnce 2 heads which I found a bit dead but the Super2’s were my favoirite.

    Kevin Mooney
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    Cheers all!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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