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  • Chris Hutchinson
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    Hi all, Can someone explain to me the difference between a thin & fast crash. I have a 16″ & 18″ paiste 8 medium crashes that came in a set. But looking to finish this kit off now. So looking for your advice again. I will not be ever playing anything heavier than Free/BadCompany . So looking for something that cuts through nicely but decays fairly early . But nothing like a splash. I hate them. I’ll buy as big as I can, size wise, and I know it is a myriad of options but you just can’t go into a shop and try these things, or even if you can, you then have to try to imagine how they will sound behind a band. If I dont hear anything in the next couple of days, may i take the liberty of wishing you all a Happy, and more importantly healthy 2018

    Mike Dolbear
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    I always remember reading something that Elvin Jones said “a cymbal is a cymbal you shouldn’t worry about if it’s a crash or a ride they should all do the same job” ! It took me a few years to work out what this meant but I now get it, You should be able to crash a ride and ride a cymbal as it just does a different job.

    I think you should always choose a cymbal with your ears and not worry if it’s a particular brand or fast, heavy etc etc just take your cymbals into a drum shop and try all the crashes until you find what matches what you have or you like the sound.

    A lot of studio guys are always mixing brands and cymbals to just find what is needed for the job and this should be the same live.

    But thats just my views.

    Kevin Mooney
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    There aren’t any general rules for cymbals as there’s so much choice.

    Generally thinner cymbals decay faster, but have less cut. You can guess that the opposite is true of thicker cymbals. Also, a cymbal with more prominent hammering will be darker and will decay slightly faster than its un-hammered cousin.

    Also, generally you’ll find that any crash bigger than 18″ is unlikely to decay fast, unless it is very thin and hammered.

    So, if you are looking for a brighter cymbal than those you have, you’re probably looking for a heavier weight. If you are looking for faster decay, you’re probably looking at 18″ or smaller.

    Your main problem is that you have two cymbals that sit right in the middle of the average weight, brightness and pitch range. So if you want another crash I’d suggest you go for a heavier 16″ to get both a brighter sound and higher pitch than your current 16″ medium, or a thinner 18″ for (you guessed it) a lower pitch than your current 18″ with not too much decay.

    My set up consists of the following Dream Cymbals, and I chose them to get a nice mix of pitch, tone and decay:

    17″ Contact Crash – bright, but thin with a fast decay. Probably similar pitch to your 16″ but faster due to the lower weight.
    18″ Bliss Crash – a classic medium cymbal in terms of weight, pitch and brightness. Slightly hammered so it is likely a little darker and faster than your 18″.
    20″ Energy Crash – bigger for a lower pitch than the Bliss, thicker so it is brighter for a little more cut. Hammered so it is a bit more complex, faster and less loud than a typical big crash, making it less likely to drown out the others.

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    For me Chris-personally from many years ago and having passed on a likewise event at the time I went over to Zildgian and that was that really!

    I had been through loads of Drum store hits etc but it always came back to the Z’s they did it all so well, there are the ups and downs of Sabian,Meinl etc etc but for the most the Z’s did the Job brilliantly and held there value to when I sold them on to venture into the darker worlds of electronics for acoustic reasons and a lot easier to control and mess with too 🙂

    But do miss Acoustics but always appreciate them live though whether in a Pub or Club night or Main gig audience attendance.

    Have a Great 2018 by the way too-Happy New Year and Happy New Gear LOL 🙂

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