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    Hi all. What have I done….. What have I done….Sold my Yamaha DTX542 to offset the cost of the Alesis Strike Zone. Assembled it. Big Footprint. Great looker. Does what it says on the tin. Except for the Hi Hats. And to a certain extent the crash. And while we are on the ride is not to die for. Had Firmware 1.2 added, and 1.3….. Better but no cigar. It helps now apparently if you don’t play the end CM rim, and try to concentrate on the area of the Hi Hat a CM in and towards the Bell …..FFS I built the Yamaha in 2 Hrs and played it for over 3 years. It took my half a day to assemble the Alesis but have not been able to play it as it should be played. The hi hat is the big issue. You can play 4 bars no problem, then play the same 4 bars and you get ” ghosting ‘ unwanted clicks etc etc etc. I will never GiG with this kit it is purely to practice on, but I think you will agree that at this price it should at least achieve “All” of its ” Potential “.

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    Hey Chris great to hear that you have the purchase of the Alesis sorted but equally mystified regarding the hi-hat issue. I have found this to be the downfall of many an electric Kit and these days just kind of reluctantly accept it although I would have expected some one to have nailed this issue amongst the manufactures Alesis included!

    As far as firmware goes I always find this as a very grey upgrade area-there are cost friendly applications for the manufactures ie:keeps hardware going longer etc but never really makes the same impact as actually developing a key product in terms of hardware upto a new generation or offering some upgradability which sometimes inspires the drummer concerned to stay with that kit series and develop more sales for the manufacturer/supplier.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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